We are a registered Independent School and provide specialist and provide specialist provision for secondary aged students who are unable to attend mainstream school for a range of reasons, for example; permanently excluded from mainstream school, short term respite from mainstream school and / or the student has specific educational needs.

The school is open to secondary aged 11 to 16 years. Education is mixed gender. Class sizes are small, so individuals get the education that best meets their specific needs and capabilities. Most teaching and learning is in small groups (generally no more than 6-7 students), although 1:1 teaching is provided where necessary. The aim is to adapt the curriculum and teaching, so pupils achieve well both academically and in their personal development. Where possible, placements will commence at the beginning of an academic term, although consideration will be given to individual circumstances and students will be admitted mid-term if needs be.

Before a student is admitted planning with parents and carers, schools and other agencies will be conducted to determine the kind of education to be provided. In advance of a transfer into school discussions will be held with individuals and school visits will be conducted so students are happy with arrangements. As a registered independent school (not listed by the Secretary of State under Section 41 of the Children and Families Act 2014), those with parental responsibility and the individual concerned may request that The Emscote School is named in the student’s education, health and care Plan (EHCP), and the local authority in which the student resides will consider this request. However, the local authority is not under a specific duty to secure a place, and nor is The Emscote School under a (section 43) duty to admit a student. However, the school follows the spirit of the Children 1 and Families Act 2014, SEND Code of Practice 2015, and Admissions Code (December 2014) when considering placements.

Criteria for admission

Places are usually offered for the start of the academic year in September. However, The Emscote School recognises that students may be out of education for a range of reasons, at times throughout the year. Therefore, the School does take admissions at other times of the year, subject to the headteacher’s discretion. All referrals and admissions are considered on an individual basis. A place will not be offered if it is considered that The Emscote School is not the most suitable provision to meet the student’s specific needs. We do accept students where English is not their first language. All our lessons and instructions are in English.

The eligibility criteria for students seeking a placement, before a referral will be taken forward, include:

  • The school has space in an appropriate class/peer group. The school cannot admit pupils beyond compulsory school age or primary aged students. We do not hold a waiting list, as it is felt this may hinder the process of students being placed at other suitable provision, and potentially remaining out of education.
  • Those with parental responsibility must be in support of the placement and in agreement with the vision and ethos of the school. Continued support of those with parental responsibility and partnership with our school are essential for the success and viability of any placement. It is recommended that those with parental responsibility visit the school so they are happy with arrangements and agree to the education provided.
  • The student will be local authority funded.

All referrals are considered on an individual basis. We will only decide not to offer a place to a student that meets the eligibility criteria, if:
(a) it considers the school to be unsuitable for the age, ability, aptitude or special educational needs of the student
(b) and/or that the placement would be incompatible with the provision of efficient education for others, and/or the efficient use of resources.

The Equality Act 2010 applies to all schools and school admissions, and The Emscote School does not discriminate on any of the protected characteristics, including age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex and sexual orientation. We will take reasonable steps to avoid the substantial disadvantage to a student with disability under the Equality Act 2010. It will use its best endeavours to make reasonable adjustments, where possible, to ensure equality of outcomes for those with a disability, including students, parents, staff and others.

Admissions Procedure

The school’s admission procedure has several stages outlined below.

  • We strongly encourage those with parental responsibility to visit the school prior to applying for a place.
  • Those with parental responsibility or the local authority are able to contact the school via its website: www.emscoteschool.org or telephone: 01926 492609 to discuss the school provision and/or enquire about the admission procedure.
  • Appointments to visit the school are available on request, providing an opportunity to tour the school and meet with various staff members.
  • Applications for student placement can be made by parents or carers with parental responsibility directly, or by contacting the local authority.
  • Following a letter of consultation, and receipt of paperwork from the local authority or directly from a school, The Emscote School will review the documentation and, where possible, respond to the local authority or school within 10 working days to: confirm receipt of documents and request further information from the local authority or school.

The Emscote School will notify those with parental responsibility and the local authority or school that we are able / unable to meet the student’s need at this current time and will prepare a report outlining reasons why or recommend a start date.

Admissions Policy

What people say about us

I have seen my daughter develop from a moody teenager into a young woman who is keen to succeed and be independent.

Carer Comment

The small class sizes really help, my son gets the attention he needs - he seems so much happier.

Parent Comment

Why wasn't this around for me? It feels like someone understands what she's going through.

Parent Comment

The staff quickly became my family because they listened. I was able to talk to them and be sure they would help me when I had an issue, even if that was from outside school.

Student Comment

To watch students come through the door with very little hope in their education to then leave with a real sense of belonging and achievement is the most rewarding part of my role.

Staff Comment

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