Our prevention program offers a tailored needs approach for individual schools or students to support early intervention when issues are arising.

Referring schools (primary and secondary) and Senior Team at The Emscote School will, in partnership, create a short term intervention package that is specifically tailored to the individual needs of the student, or small group of students.

The program will take place within the home school. This can be designed for 1-3 students at a time dependant on the school’s request. The sessions will be planned according to the needs of the student, focusing on:

  • Self esteem
  • Mentoring
  • Drug and Alcohol awareness
  • Stress management
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Social Skills
  • Transition

In some cases, provided appropriate Risk Assessments have been put in place, these sessions can take place within the home of the student should they be classed as a Child Missing from Education, bridging the gap between school and individual.

Intervention via BKSB

All students will complete an initial assessment and then complete an assessment every term in Maths and English. This assessment is completed online and will provide a baseline as to where the student is. Every 6 weeks we assess the student to track progress and look at where a student may be struggling. The diagnostic tool will provide additional intervention work, targeting areas for improvement.

Catch up programme.

The school will provide a catch up programme for those students who may have missed areas of Education and / or are unable to manage the daily curriculum. The catch up programme will provide additional support to enable some students to catch up and improve their education and confidence.

Historically, The Emscote School lead in the Youth Inclusion Support Panels (YISP) and have a view to deliver a similar project within secondary and primary schools.

For more information on how to book and build your bespoke package, please contact the school on 01926 492609.

What people say about us

I have seen my daughter develop from a moody teenager into a young woman who is keen to succeed and be independent.

Carer Comment

The small class sizes really help, my son gets the attention he needs - he seems so much happier.

Parent Comment

Why wasn't this around for me? It feels like someone understands what she's going through.

Parent Comment

The staff quickly became my family because they listened. I was able to talk to them and be sure they would help me when I had an issue, even if that was from outside school.

Student Comment

Working at PaYP gives me a chance to support students who otherwise might fall the cracks of mainstream education. Working here gives me the best type of challenge.

Staff Comment

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