Intervention work

The Emscote School’s Interventions worker provides targeted interventions for students . It is important to note that students identified for intervention are not always lower attaining children but are identified across a range of groups and are selected when teaching staff and senior leaders believe they have the capacity for further or accelerated progress at a given point.

The Emscote School wants to make sure that all our students do as well as can and achieve their full potential. By providing bespoke packages of targeted interventions from our Interventions worker, we aim to improve the outcomes of our students.

Pastoral work

Young people spend a great deal of time at school and PAYP recognises it has an important role to play in their development. Time spent in school impacts not just on academic and cognitive progress, but also on social interactions, peer relationships, emotional regulation and behaviour.

The role of PAYP’s Pastoral Support is to be the first point of contact and liaison between families and other children’s agencies, such as social services or child health. Our Pastoral Care Program includes, creating a sense of belonging, facilitating Peer Support Programs and developing skills and knowledge in order to prevent or address specific problems, such as bullying and self-esteem.

Our Pastoral support also provides an open-door policy allowing students to come in and chat about issues or problems that they face. There are also set mentoring time slots for those who find it difficult to just ‘pop in’

What people say about us

I have seen my daughter develop from a moody teenager into a young woman who is keen to succeed and be independent.

Carer Comment

The small class sizes really help, my son gets the attention he needs - he seems so much happier.

Parent Comment

Why wasn't this around for me? It feels like someone understands what she's going through.

Parent Comment

The staff quickly became my family because they listened. I was able to talk to them and be sure they would help me when I had an issue, even if that was from outside school.

Student Comment

Working at PaYP gives me a chance to support students who otherwise might fall the cracks of mainstream education. Working here gives me the best type of challenge.

Staff Comment

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