• Following an inspection under section 108 or 109 of the 2008 ACT., a copy of the inspection report is published and maintained on the schools website and provided to the parents of each registered pupil, by any date specified by the body who conducted the inspection.
  • An annual written report of each registered pupils progress and attainment in the main subject areas taught is provided to the parents of registered pupils except in the instance where the parents has agreed otherwise.
  • The quality of leadership is met if the principal who has the leadership and management responsibility of the school, demonstrates good skills and knowledge appropriate to their role that the Independent school standards are met consistently and promotes the well-being of pupils as within the meaning of section 10(2) of the childrens Act 2004
  • Currently the Emscote school is an alternative provider of part time/short term education and therefore does not provide school performances of the preceding school year. However when it does become a registered school we will provide results and analysis to parents/carers.

What people say about us

I have seen my daughter develop from a moody teenager into a young woman who is keen to succeed and be independent.

Carer Comment

The small class sizes really help, my son gets the attention he needs - he seems so much happier.

Parent Comment

Why wasn't this around for me? It feels like someone understands what she's going through.

Parent Comment

The staff quickly became my family because they listened. I was able to talk to them and be sure they would help me when I had an issue, even if that was from outside school.

Student Comment

Working at PaYP gives me a chance to support students who otherwise might fall the cracks of mainstream education. Working here gives me the best type of challenge.

Staff Comment

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